The chatbot for checking Korea Customs status



This is bot for checking Korea Customs status.

Where is my package at Customs?





When somebody do direct buying of foreign goods,
always did checking Customs status in web page.

Because of this, below developer made a status checker bot at Heroku by integrating bot handler itself.

Githhub :

I did integrate that chatbot from Heroku to BotHub Studio.
Using BotHub Studio, I did connect to ‘Telegram’, ‘Slack’, ‘LINE’ simply.




Development Guide

BotHub.Studio is using Python 3.5

Installation of package

Please refer to the article below for installation.

Connecting to Messenger platform

KaKaoTalk: Build a KakaoTalk Chatbot in Python

Facebook: Build a Facebook Chatbot in Python

Telegram: Build a Telegram Chatbot in Python

Slack: Build a Slack Chatbot in Python

LINE: Build a LINE Chatbot in Python